Monday, September 24, 2012

Gone are the raiders of yesteryear

Our PvP guild has decided to do some basic story mode raiding. As a fully rakata-geared tank, I offered to take the newer players through the three operations currently available ingame. But where are all the raiders gone? I did the operations Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace and Explosive Conflict with an active guild, but once it was cleared the majority of the players moved on to other games. I have spoken to some of them in the last two months and they say that after SWTOR they went to Terror, and cleared all the content there and now they're almost done with Guild Wars 2. So what does that mean for operations development? Is it possible for the devs to keep up with demand?

Is it beneficial for developers to concentrate on operation development above and beyond single player and PvP content? It seems to be so hard to keep the elite guilds entertained. I've seen this exact same thing happen in WoW, where the elite guilds clear content faster than anybody else, but also get really bored, really fast.

Bioware need to focus on what they do best which is awesome story content for single players and small groups. Hell, the Star Wars Universe has always been about small bands of heroes doing the unbelievable, not small armies. How heroic is it really for 16 Jedi to beat up on one big dude?

Although I don't believe that operations content should not be in the game - it is a viable source of entertainment - I just don't think it should be the main focus of any up and coming content for SWTOR. Single player content is seen by far more players and end game operations, especially the hardcore stuff, has too short a lifespan for any serious long term player of the game.

What type of player are you? Do you crave the big operations or do the story lines keep you hooked?

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  1. The basis for most guilds is raiding endgame content. Operations need to be in, and they need frequent updates to keep things fresh.

  2. I agree, the amount of resources put into operations to satisfy the elite comes with a loss of expansion in the single player and small group content. What they need to do is revamp all the planets so that you can do quests, explore, and revisit them. The linear progression through the planets currently is effective from a story perspective but it ruins the Roleplaying aspect of the game. They're freakin planets! And things like operations, while fun, don't add much to the community

  3. Carl makes a good point. They are freakin planets, and having reasons to go back and visit, or play on some of those planets would be awesome.

  4. Could always do what AoC did and just make them too hard to finish that quickly.
    Tier 4 has been out in AoC for over 2 years and only 1 guild in Europe has fully cleared it.