Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Resolve will change after Patch 1.4

The above graph (which I found on Reddit, with no credits as to who made it) shows the changes to Resolve that will occur with Patch 1.4. These changes hope to improve the PvP experience for players. The different shapes represent different types of stuns. The graph line itself shows the path to a full resolve bar. When you have a full resolve bar you're immune to stuns. This is why that tank is able to resist all your stuns as he is running towards the Hutt ball goal line. Right now, whether the stuns are truly effective or not makes no difference to what it does to your Resolve level. If three people all attempt to stun you at the same time, or apply stuns on top of stuns to no real use, it will fill a player's Resolve bar instantly. Post Patch 1.4, the Resolve bar will take into consideration the amount of time you actually spend stunned, rather than the amount of stuns that are applied on you.

Looking at the post 1.4 graph you see 4 closely applied stuns will half fill your bar, but four spaced out stuns, that actually do keep you stunned for a period of time, will completely fill your bar. When your bar is full, you cannot be crowd-controlled. It all equals good times in PvP.

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