Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Many Looks of T7-01

Complete Guide to T7-01 Customizations

T7-01 is one of my favorite companions, not only because he was my first companion but because he is a droid with a cool attitude! This little guy can take a real beating and he has some of the coolest comebacks in your story that you will come across! I so wish I could have given him a lightsaber and made him a Jedi when he asked. 

T7-01 has seven looks available, although customization 5 requires you to have the Collector's Edition and customization 6 requires you to have a security key attached to your account. With the variety of colors available, T7-01 can be decked out to match your favorite outfit. Wearing red today? No problems, customization 3 will have you looking like a team. Just got some gold PvP gear? Not an issue - T7-01's default look will look awesome right beside you. Read on to see where you can purchase all of the customizations from.

Customization 6 is available on The Republic Fleet Station from the Security key reward vendor, Tamin.

You can find customization number 5 on The Republic Fleet Station from the Collector's Edition Vendor called Jhaffus.

Customizations 1, 2 and 4 are available from vendors on both Taris and Balmora. The vendor's name on Taris is Tatrog and he is hidden in the corner of the cantina. The Balmora vendor is hard to miss as he can be found at the entrance to the main base in bug town.

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  1. I got customization 6 at the SK vendor.

    1. your right I mixed 5 and 6 up! its all fixed :) thanks