Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patch 1.4 Changes: MK-2 PvP gear

Patch 1.4 will be making it easy for new players to jump right into PvP with the new Recruit MK-2. 

Just before the servers went down I managed to get a couple of screenshots of the MK-2 gear and in these screenshots I have compared it to both Battlemaster gear and the old Champion gear (which is no longer ingame). 

As you will see, new recruit gear falls just short of the Battlemaster stats. Each piece is around 24-27 expertise lower than the current Battlemaster gear. All the other stats are a level or so under the Battlemaster gear as well, but the expertise is what you need for PvP. 

This gear also looks exactly the same as current Battlemaster gear, so you won't be targeted by players who are looking for easy kills on fresh new players. 

The price on the gear hasn't changed and it will all be available in Patch 1.4, which has just hit the test servers today. A full set of Recruit MK-2, including the unchanged Champion relics, will grant 944 Expertise. This is a 5% increase over the original Recruit gear (896 Expertise). 

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