Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Many Looks of Qyzen Fess

Complete Guide to Qyzen Fess Customizations

First off, I know we have always posted our "Many Looks of " images using bikini outfits on our Companions, but when we tryed to put Qyzen Fess into a bikini he ripped 3 of our droids into 6 pieces! So we have changed our bikini policy, to keep peace in the Galaxy!

Qyzen Fess is the first Companion that players get as a Jedi Consular. Our Trandoshan friend is a heavy armor wearing melee tank who brings his skill and hunting knowledge to your story line. Like most reptiles  Qyzen will shed his skin from time to time and it really annoys C2-N2 who has the fun job of cleaning it up ... so it's not uncommon for Qyzen to change his looks!

Let's have a look at the first 5 looks:

Qyzen has 5 customizations, plus the default look The image above has the default look far left and then the 4 customizations you can purchase from vendors (one customization is a rare loot drop, which we'll talk about below).

Customization 1 and 4 can be purchased from the Security Key vendor on the Republic fleet 

Customization 2 can be purchased from The Balmora vendor, Guunta. He is hard to miss, as he can be found at the entrance to the main base in bug town.

The Collector's Edition Vendor has customization 3 for sale if you own a Collector's Edition copy of SWTOR.

The last special customization is a rare loot drop from Warlord Kephess, the final boss of Explosive Conflict operation.

Even if you get the loot drop, like I did, you still need to roll for the item with all the other Consulars in your raid!

A big thanks to Nomzy for letting me take the screenshots of this cool customization which he won when it dropped in our raid ... and DAMN YOU FOR BEATING ME BY 1! :)

To find out more about Qyzen Fess, including gift preferences, check out the the Jedi Consular Companion page.

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