Thursday, October 25, 2012

200k Credit Cap For Freepers! Will it Force the Price of Items?

Free to play players (Freepers) will have a credit cap of 200k. Any extra credits made go into an Escrow account that you can see in your inventory. Once the credits have gone into that Escrow account the only way to get them back is to subscribe! If you earn 300K, for example, you can spend 200 of it but 100 of it will be stuck in escrow forever and the only way to retrieve it is to subscribe. It doesn't matter if you spend 200 of your 300, the 100 that was over the cap doesn't then become available; it stays in escrow. Free to play players are going to have to be careful when they are approaching the 200k cap. 

What will this mean for the Galactic Trade Market?  

Free to play players, using Cartel Coins to purchase Black Market Packs for example, are not going to want to sell items for over 200k. Subscribers will have a bigger audience for things like mats, if their prices are under 200k. Will we see an influx of items priced between 150-199k? Will we also see epic items that freepers can't equip priced really cheap to avoid the freepers hitting their  credit cap? I was actually quite surprised to see such a low credit cap for freepers.

Do you think 200k is a high enough cap? I'd personally like to see it closer to the 500k mark. Keep in mind that freepers can move credits to other characters if they have unlocked their mail box.

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