Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HK-51 Companion Guide


Character Information
Gender: Droid/male voice
Species: Droid
Age: Unknown

Gameplay Information
First Encountered On: Belsavis Section X
Becomes a Companion: On completion of Lord of Agony– Heroic 2+
Companion Type: DPS 
Armor: Droid Armor
Crew Skill: +5 Mission Efficiency +1 Crafting Critical

Primary Stat: Aim / Cunning
Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife

Likes: Strenth and killing anything,
Dislikes: weakness and not killing someone when you could have.

Military Gear
Republic Memorabilia
Imperial Memorabilia
Cultural Artifact
Underworld Good


To Unlock HK-51 you will need to star the Quest chain that start in Belsavis Section X

New arrives to Section X will be greeted by a droid called G0-A1-Empire and B6-31 -Republic not far from the ship landing pad. He will hand you a quest called Fatal Errors Heroic 2+  for Empire players  The Fatality Heroic 2+ for Republic players and ask you to track down General Avrun - Empire and  Bren -Republic out in the Frozen Lake.

HK-51 Background

"Revelation: We have already begun construction on a new generation of HK units. When the last of our deficiencies are accounted for and corrected, they shall be the most formidable assassination droids in the galaxy."
―An HK-50 assassination droid

HK-51 assassin droids were advanced versions of HK-50 assassin droids. They were acquired by the reconstituted Sith Empire around a decade into the Cold War. An Imperial freighter containing the droids had crashed on Belsavis some time later. Sometime between 3,643 BBY and 3,641 BBY, renegade Sith rediscovered the freighter.


"Schematics for HK generation 51: Blaster to accuracy ratio: increased by 21%. Durasteel impact frame resistance: increased. Conclusion: halting production. Units are in standby mode, pending further testing of behavior cores and assassination protocols."

―Log of the HK-51's development status

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