Friday, November 30, 2012

How to get the most value out of your Cartel Coins

With the Cartel Market embedded in our game, I thought I'd better work out what is the best value for your coins. Read on, because I can save you 5 million credits worth! The first thing I did, like everybody else, was to blow all the coins I earned via my subscription on Cartel bags. I ended up with a whole heap of crap that nobody wants. Unlike the bags I opened on the test server, the frequency of good stuff in the bags was low. I ended up with lots of very similar mounts and lots of worthless titles.

The value for almost all of these items - that were meant be rare items from Cartel packs - have dropped to about 10k each because SWTOR is flooded with them now. You can see here from the screenshot of the Galactic Trade Market from my server the mounts are desperately being sold for as little as 10k.

So, what do you spend your 500 coins on each month if you're a subscriber? Well, if you have multiple alts, I found that the best value is in Unlocks. The Cartel Market gives you the option to use credits or Cartel Coins to unlock things like extra bank slots. If you purchase the low level bank slots using credits you can save millions of credits by using Cartel Coins to unlock the extra bank slots on all your characters on your account!

Another thing I did was to use all my Cartel coins like the target dummies, mail box and Galactic Trade Market on my ships. These unlocks, paid for by Cartel Coins, are account wide and extremely good value for money when compared to paying for it in credits. For less than the cost of a set of armor you get to unlock the Galactic Trade Market on your ship. If you were to use credits it would cost 5 million! For 5 million credits you could purchase almost every item available in Cartel packs off the Galactic Market including exclusive mounts like the Emporer's chair.

So at this stage I would highly recommend that you don't spend your Cartel Coins on the random packs - especially  if you're looking for individual items. Due to the massive volume of initial packs that were sold it is far cheaper to get this stuff from the Galactic Trade Market now.

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  1. I totally agree. I purchased extra inventory slots and the Rocket Boots and saved a ton of credits.

  2. I agree, Legacy unlocks are the best deal, use credits to but cartel pack crap.
    Extra bank tab for all characters and GTN for ship are a good use for CC as well.