Friday, November 09, 2012

SWTOR Free-to-Play is Coming on November 15th

"Today we are excited to announce that the global launch date of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Free-to-Play option will be November 15, 2012. This release will be simultaneous across all of the territories and countries The Old Republic™ is available.

If you’re a paying Subscriber at the launch of the Free-to-Play option on November 15th, you will be granted all of the Complimentary Cartel Coins currently listed on your Cartel Coin Ledger page, plus a one-time grant of 250 Complimentary Cartel Coins!

Additionally, we are extending the Rewards Program! All former subscribers who reactivate their subscription by the new date of December 20, 2012 at 11:59pm CST will be granted Complimentary Cartel Coins for their prior paid months up to November 15, 2012. For more information on all of the rewards you could potentially receive, visit"

  • Free to Play and Update 1.5 go live on Thursday, 11/15/2012. (No details on the maintenance period were given.)
  • The cheapest package for Cartel Coins: $4.99 for 450 Coins. (90 Cartel Coins per dollar.)
  • The most expensive package for Cartel Coins: $39.99 for 5500 Coins. (137 Cartel Coins per dollar.)
  • Several additional packages will be available in between those two prices. The more expensive the package, the better value the player receives.
  • Subscribers on the one month plan will receive 500 CC per month. * Players on the 3 month or 6 month plans will receive more per month. (Exact numbers were not given but will be available next week.)
  • Former subscribers automatically receive "Preferred" status.
  • New F2P players receive "Preferred" status upon buying anything from the SWTOR store. The $5 CC package and the security key fob being the cheapest items that will grant Preferred status.
  • will be the site for purchasing Cartel Coins and other items.
  • Services such as character renames and appearance changes being purchased with CC are possibilities for the future.
  • Most items bought on the Cartel Market, including content unlocks, can be traded or sold on the GTN by design.
  • Physical Cartel Coin packs will be available from retail stores. They'll make a great stocking stuffer!
  • The plan is to update the Cartel Market with new items every month or so.
  • Players will be able to purchase additional character slots with Cartel Coins shortly after F2P launches.
  • Limited time or seasonal Cartel Market items are something they're considering but can't commit to at this time.
  • There are currently no plans to adjust the monthly cost for subscribers.
  • There are currently no plans to sell subscription time (ala Plex system in EVE) via the Cartel Market.
  • Character transfers to the PTS are something they are currently working on and will be available in the near future.

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