Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Many Looks of Bowdaar

Complete Guide to the Bowdaar Customizations

Every Smuggler needs backup and what better companion is there to watch your back than a Wookie with a life debt to you? Bowdaar is your 2nd companion as a Smuggler and a real help keeping enemies off you. 'The Force' help them if anyone tries to attack you! He will be in there roaring and pulling arms off some and just tossing others like rag dolls.

Theoretically you should be able to get Bowdaar by yourself at around level 21, although if you have a friend to help, like I did, you can get him at level 16. Just have your higher-level character friend run you through the class quests.

Bowdaar has 7 unique looks to chose from including the default look. Unlike other companions though, it's not his appearance that changes but rather his outfit. Equipping armor to Bowdaar does not change what he is wearing; the only way to change what he is wearing is through the use of customizations. For Bowdaar, changing customizations is just like changing outfits. Our dearly beloved Chewie only ever needed the one outfit - a single bandoleer - for the entirety of the original trilogy though. Customization 2 is the closest to Chewie's look.

Customizations 2, 3 and 4 are just variations on the same gear, adding a vest and shoulder pads to the classic bandoleer look. If you prefer your wookie au-naturale so for customization 1 to show off the most amount of hair! The default look is really cool - it has an old school Star Warsie/Old Republic look and feel. Customization 5 shows a working class wookie's outfit, the true gear of any wookie engineer. Finally, customization 6 looks like a wookie gladiator armor, only worn by the most elite warriors.

Captain Kneely, the Security Key Vendor on the Ilum Space Station, is the only vendor where you can get customizations 5 and 6. You'll need 12.5k apiece and a security key attached to your account.

Out big buddy Guunta in Bug Town on Balmorra is whee you'll find customizations 1, 2, 3 and 4. There is a customization 7 in the game files but it's not available in the game at the moment. I expect we'll see it in the Cartel Market in the near future.

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