Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Many Looks of Ensign Raina Temple

Complete Guide to Ensign Raina Temple Customizations

Like most end game companions, Ensign Raina Temple's customization's are not found in low level zones but I have found them all and taken screenshots and tails to make it a breeze for you to choose the look you like most. If you wait until you have reached level 50 to purchase her customizations you will find that you have already got used to the way she looks by default. This guide will give you an idea about her personality and show you where to purchase the options so you can go get the one you want as soon as she joins you at around level 40. Even though her customizations are found in the level 50 zone, you are able to safely get there with no risk

Ensign Raina Temple is the 4th Imperial Agent Companion and I have found her to be my companion of choice at level 50 on my Operative. She uses the same gear as my agent so it's easy to deck her out. She is also easy on the eyes and she doesn't have an annoying voice.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg the voice of  Ensign Raina Temple
Her accent sounds a bit like my wife's and looking her up on IMDB I found out Georgia Van Cuylenburg is an Aussie with a British BBC accent (my wife is an Aussie who spent a lot of time in the UK!). Georgia is a rare talent who, at her young age, is a successful and credited comedian, TV host, actor and voice-over artist. Through her production company "I am Spartacus Entertainment", she is also a credited writer and producer.

Temple is 1 of 3 female companions that Imperial Agents get and no doubt the most sane of the 3. She never wants to kill you and seems to look up to you.

I like her personality and she seemed to like the choices I made in the game. She's a typically patriotic example of the rank-and-file Imperial military -a true believer in Imperial superiority and duty. No matter how easygoing or empathetic she may be at times, the needs of her nation have to come first.

Ensign Raina Temple has 8 looks including the default look. Her voice seems to suite the default look well  and I think she looks real nice in any of the Imperial officers' uniforms as seen in the first image in this post. But if you like the bikini look, you're in luck as she also looks hot in the the full slave girl outfit.    

Customizations 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all for sale on Ilum from the Supply Officer Mikaen. At 20k each she is not a cheap girl!

To get Customization 8 you need to go to the Security Key Vendor on the orbital station above Ilum. 

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