Wednesday, December 26, 2012

90 Cartel Packs Opened at a cost of $240!

Remamian from the Swtor Forums shows us why it not a good Idea to get Cartel Packs:

So its getting that time of year when i normally have an extra flow of cash laying around, just so happens i have something to spend them on now. So i figured hey! I had nearly 3000 cartel coins from my sub and collectors i figured i'd buy a few extra. There were really just a few things i was looking for that i saw people had gotten from the packs. The Throne, which is the ultra rare, which i wanted just so can sell it. The only thing honestly that i wanted for myself was a Covert Belt, i really wanted this to complete a look on one of my characters.

Well i bought an extra 5500 cartel coins so i can get enough packs to pretty much guarantee that i can at least get my belt. 

Well it just soo happens that after opening ALL those cartels packs, i still had nothing i wanted.......

I've now purchased 33,000 cartel coins (6x the 5500 39.99 group = 240$) and here are my findings

Class Mission x2
Experience x5
Flashpoint x6
Exploration x2
Warzone x4
Social x1
Space Mission x1

XP BOOSTS (Minor) 
Class Mission x10
Experiance x2
Flashpoint x11
Exploration x7
Warzone x9
Social x9
Space Mission x7

Rendii Nightshade x7
Lhosan Manta x5
Longspur Elite x4
Ubrikki Sand Devil x7
Ubrikki Crimson Claw x10

Mountain Lizardbat x7
Golden Lizardbat x5
Slate Mouse Horranth x6
Golden-skinned Vrblet x3
Red-Backed Gizka x1
Low Atmosphere Miniprobe x1

Weapons - Crystals
Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon x1
Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle x2
Devastator's Double-Bladed Lightsaber x2
Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle
Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal (End) x 3
Advanced Pink-Purple Hawkeye Crystal x1
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal x1
Advanced Pink-Purple War Hero's Crystal x1

Emote: Menace x5
Emote: Intimidate x3
Title: The Cartel Collector x9
Title: The Crime Lord x2

Elegant Loungewear Bottoms x3
Elegant Loungewear Top x7
Elegant Loungewear Cap x5
Trailblazer's Helmet x4
Trailblazer's Boots x1
Trailblazer's Legs x1
Spymaster's Helmet x1
Covert Torso Energy Armor x6
Mask of Nihilus x2

Imperial Banner x4
Republic Banner x9
Glowing Eyes - Gold x2
Glowing Eyes - Red x4
Satele Shan Holostatue x1
Darth Malgus Holostatue x4
Ball Toss x10

Companion Gifts and Materials
These items i didn't keep tally's of or any records as i already had a bunch of them. I did note some of the rarer items

Molecular Stabilizers x5
Radioactive Paste x10
Enriched Durasteel x80
Ciridium x40
Subelectronic Data Module x30
Biometric Cystal Alloy x110
Alien Data Cube x70
Dallorian Alloy x60
Corusca Gem x5
Nanosilk x60
Lorrdian Gemstone x10
Perfect Yellow Crystal x40
Perfect Orange Crystal x50
Mandalorian Iron x5
Self-Perpetuating Power Cell x60
Smart Cells x40

So recap, I got a boat-load of stuff out of the 90 some packs i opened....

No throne
No Covert Belt

-- really .... no covert belt, that's like the only thing i wanted!

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