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The Many Looks of Jaesa Willsaam Light & Dark

Companion customizations: Jaesa Willsaam Light & Dark

Jaesa is a unique companion as she has a split personality. Depending on your decisions prior to unlocking her, her persona will be either Light based (as in a Jedi Consular) or Dark (as in a Sith Assassin). The difference between the two personas effect her looks, personality, skill set, missions and the story line.

Light Jaesa is the type of girl you'd be proud to take home to your Mom for dinner. Dark Jaesa is the type of girl to take home if you wanted to really upset your parents. These are the two default looks (Light on the left and Dark on the right). It's mainly her makeup and eye color that is different with the default looks. When it comes to customizations though, there are four extra looks for each and they involve different skin colors, hairstyles and makeup.

It's not only her looks that change but it's her complete story. The conversations that you have with the Light Jaesa are completely different to the ones you have with a Dark Jaesa. Her gift preferences are different and the way in which she responds to conversations is also different. Light Jaesa likes compassionate Light side decisions. Dark Jaesa is evil to the core and will not approve of you being soft in any way. To fully experience the Sith Warrior story line you'll need to play it through as both Light and Dark. Even different missions are unlocked. The only way to experience them both is to play Sith Warrior as Light side and then play it again as a Dark warrior. I personally felt that the Light side story line was more intriguing.


First let's have a look at the five Dark side options, each one of them bad-ass in their own way. She's definitely a bad girl and her looks show it. In combat she will taunt your enemies and exclaim how she loves pain.

As you can see in the close-up images below, she's a passionate person and her passions control her connection to the Force. Be careful not to cheat on her, or she'll hunt down your mate and slice them up into little pieces.

These are the looks for the Light side Jaesa. She's clean cut, her hair is pulled back for practicality and there's very little make-up. She's the girl next door. She's sweet, compassionate and loving in everything she does. She'll help you convert the Dark Lord's of the Sith from within using her unique power to uncover other compassionate Sith to join your cause.

Customizations 1 (Light) and 5 (Dark) are available from the security key vendor on Illum orbital station. To access this vendor you will need a security key attached to your account. You cannot purchase customizations for a companion you don't have. If your Jaesa is Light then you can't purchase a Dark look. Customizations 1 and 5 are 12,500 credits each.

You can purchase customizations 2, 3 and 4 (Dark) and 1, 2 and 3 (Light) from the customization vendor Keth on Taris. Each one costs 12500 credits.

At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a chore having to level a second Sith Warrior to get this information and screenshots. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the story lines that was revealed simply by making Light or Dark decisions. The Sith Warrior story line is definitely one of the most engaging and I'd highly recommend playing through it in both forms, Dark and Light, if you're passionate about experiencing the full extent of the SWTOR story.

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