Monday, May 13, 2013

The Many Looks of Andronikos Revel

Customizations for Andronikos Revel

This one is for the ladies! Andronikos is definitely the most eligible bachelor for female Sith Inquisitors. He’s not a bad bloke to hang out with for all your male Sith Inquisitors as well. There’s no doubt that Andronikos is a bad boy, so bad that even the Republic didn’t want to deal with him. He boasts dual gun-slinger style pistols with a killer attitude. Andronikos doesn’t mess around when it comes to disposing of your enemies. Just for the fun of it, I dressed Andronikos up in the relaxed jumpsuit and his six pack made we want to go on a diet. The facial tattoos also give him a look that screams ‘don’t mess with me’.

Andronikos has eight different looks to choose from, including the default look. Most of them have facial tattoos of some sort but no matter what look you choose for him he always has that cool bad boy vibe.

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