SWTOR Class: Jedi Knight


A symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order—more than twenty-thousand years of protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy. Though Jedi Knights have served as generals, guerilla fighters, and warriors for generations, their legendary combat prowess faces its greatest test during this age.

Through years of disciplined training and meditation, the Jedi Knight hones body and mind into perfect harmony. Combining the foresight of the Force with unrivaled reflexes and practiced physical precision, the Knight turns combat into an art form, gracefully executing acrobatic feats in tandem with elegant lightsaber tactics.

A source of inspiration to allies and intimidation to adversaries, the Jedi Knight’s presence is welcome in any confrontation. The Order’s long history of fighting for justice has earned the trust of countless friends and the hate of innumerable enemies. Few, though, are foolish enough to challenge a seasoned Jedi Knight unless they have the skills and technology to even the odds.


The Jedi’s dark counterparts scored many victories during the war, expanding their Empire, and putting the Republic on the defensive. Since the Treaty of Coruscant, the Sith have consolidated their military might, even while the Jedi have withdrawn to Tython, a move that’s been looked at with suspicion by many of the Republic’s politicians. Nonetheless, the war is far from over, and the Jedi Knight’s resolve remains firm. With unwavering allegiance to the Republic and the light side of the Force, the Jedi Knight fights with valiant determination, wading into the thick of any battle to protect freedom and democracy and hold fast against those who oppose it.

No matter how dire circumstances may become, the Jedi Knight trusts the Force and keeps a cool head. Knowledge and self-control are the critical components of wise decisions, and emotional and mental clarity are an absolute necessity. Maintaining focus allows the Knight to rely on intuition; a right mind leads to right action.

For many, the Jedi Knight is the guardian of a precious dream; a dream of peace, a dream of justice, a dream of a brighter future. The fate of the galaxy depends upon the Knight’s ability to keep this dream alive.


The Jedi Knight’s graceful movements are awesome to behold. Freezing a moment in this display captures the deep commitment underlying the Jedi’s dazzling abilities. Though a Jedi Knight’s life is filled with battle and adventure, the Knight’s heart is dedicated to peace and service. An ironic observation to some, but greater wisdom suggests it is the Jedi Knights’ humble devotion which makes them so likely to become such famous heroes.

The galaxy has been plagued by war for decades, and despite the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi have no delusions about the constant danger. Though traditional Jedi robes range from light cloth to thick leathers, many Jedi Knights also wear parts or entire suits of heavy armor when going into battle.

Whether defending allies by deflecting a barrage of blaster-fire or charging in to challenge a Sith Lord, the Knight’s role is crucial in any conflict. The Jedi Knight enjoys the benefit of ancient teachings that have been passed down through hundreds of generations. Combining these time-tested maneuvers with the natural guidance of the Force, the Knight is capable of achieving extraordinary feats


A wall between the good people of the Republic and their enemies, the Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds and dares opponents to attack.
Perfect concentration and use of the Force allows smooth movement even
in heavy armor--making the Guardian a hard target to take down. Leaders
on and off the battlefield, Guardians are known for inspiring allies to
amazing feats, making them invaluable for conflicts of any size.

Class Role:  Tank, Damage
Weapon:      Lightsaber
Armor:          Heavy

Tree: Vigilance (DPS)
Provides greater skill in single-blade offense and the ability to take enemies down quickly.

Force Scarring
Passive: Sundering Strike lowers the target's internal and external resists bu 10% on its first application

Shien Form
Cooldown: 1.5 secs Enter an offensive Lightsaber form, increasing all damage dealt by 6%. All attacks which cost focus will refund 1 focus when used. In addition, taking damage generates 1 focus, but this effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.

Tree: Defense (Tank)
Allows the Guardian to more effectively withstand enemy attacks and protect allies.

 Instant, Cooldown: 3 mins
Temporarily increases your maximum health by 30% for 15 seconds. When the effect ends, the health is lost.

Force Leap
Passive: Force Leap now stuns targets for 2 seconds.

Tree: Focus (shared)
Specializes in advanced Force techniques and the Shii-Cho lightsaber form.

Force Exhaustion 
Instant, Cooldown: 21 secs, Range: 15m
Progressively slows the target from 60% to 10% movement speed over 5 seconds and deals 180 kinetic damage each second. At the end of the duration the target is crushed, and takes an additional 553 kinetic damage.

Reduces the cooldown of all Force abilities while in Shii-Cho Form by 3 seconds.


Control and focus are the hallmarks of the Sentinel.
Through years of training the Sentinel learns the art of using
two Lightsabers simultaneously to create an intricate web of damage
that is almost impossible to evade. Manipulating the Force, the Sentinel can
see holes in the enemy defense, potential flaws in their own technique and how best to plan for both.

Class Role:   Damage
Weapon:      2 Lightsabers
Armor:          Medium

Tree: Watchman (Sustained Damage and Survival )
The Sentinel masters the Juyo Lightsaber form, making him more dangerous as a fight goes on.

Overload Lightsaber 
Instant Cooldown: 12 secs
Charges your Lightsabers with deadly energy for 15 seconds, causing your next 3 successful melee attacks to make the target burn for 491 elemental damage over 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.

Merciless Zeal
Critical hits with burn effects heal you for 2% of your maximum health.

Tree: Combat (Burst Damage)
Allows the Sentinel to master the Ataru Lightsaber form to rapidly dispatch enemies.

Blade Rush
Instant, Range: 4m 
Strikes the target with both weapons for 647-729 weapon damage and automatically triggers an Ataru Form strike. For 6 seconds after using Blade Rush, your Ataru Form has an extra 30% chance to be triggered. Requires two Lightsabers.

Opportune Attack
Your Ataru Form hits have a 100% chance to make your next focus spender deal 10% more damage.

Tree: Focus (shared) 
Specializes in advanced Force techniques and the Shii-Cho lightsaber form.

Force Exhaustion 
Instant, Cooldown: 21 secs, Range: 15m
Progressively slows the target from 60% to 10% movement speed over 5 seconds and deals 180 kinetic damage each second. At the end of the duration the target is crushed, and takes an additional 553 kinetic damage.

Reduces the cooldown of all Force abilities while in Shii-Cho Form by 3 seconds.



The quirky and stubborn Astromech Droid designated T7-O1 hasn’t been memory-wiped since his activation more than two centuries ago. This rare condition gives T7 a massive knowledge base, with detailed records of every mission he’s

ever undertaken and the many friends and enemies made along the way. Because his memories remain intact, T7 has developed a candid personality, a strong independent streak and a unique perspective on the galaxy. Unlike other droids, T7 doesn’t perceive his organic owners as masters, but instead refers to them more like partners. Over the centuries, he has faithfully teamed up with senators, spies, smugglers and even Jedi.
T7 sees himself as protector of his more fragile organic allies, willingly placing himself in harm’s way and always ready to play the hero when innocent lives are in danger.
Although he was originally designed
for repair and piloting duties, T7
has accumulated many special modifications, expanding his potential uses on and off the battlefield. This little droid is much more than a mechanical servant… he’s a friend and ally to the end.

Key Facts

Surveillance, cartography and data slicing

Senator Oodora of Manaan, Captain Nico Okarr and Jedi Master Ven Zallow

Survived the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant



Developed at the height of the Great War, the Defender was custom-built for the Jedi Order. The Jedi Council commissioned the starship after determining that Republic military vessels were not well-suited to the Jedi’s more specialized missions. The Defender’s exterior design is based on the consumer model corvette, but it has been outfitted with countless customized upgrades. The starship includes two levels. The formal upper level features diplomatic meeting rooms and an elegant conference room at the ship’s center. The conference room contains a unique Holocom system for secure communications with the Jedi Council. The Defender’s lower level includes a cargo hold, a medical bay, and a small private space in which the Jedi can retreat for meditation. Despite the Jedi Order’s commitment to peace, the ship is battle-ready. If circumstances warrant, the Defender is engineered with high-powered shields and twin turbo lasers to engage the enemy.



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